Customize your marching band and color guard with stickers/decals, magnets and tags. These items are a great way to enhance your groups image for competitions, events and parades.

BASS DRUM DECALS – Minimum 6 qty
Starting at $20 ea.

School/Mascot bass drum decals are great for parades, school & community events.  Custom decals can also be created to help enhance your indoor or outdoor competitive show concept.  These provide an alternative for schools with budget restrictions that cannot afford printed drum heads.  NOTE:  there is a slight pitch change and a slight muffling of sound while using FLASH bass drum decals.

Our Bass Drum decals are easily removable and come in even sizes 14″ up to 30″ and start at $20 for 14″.  Add $1 for each additional 2″ size.  Decals are shipped on heavy wax paper and have small tick marks at top/bottom to help align on your drum-head.

RIFLE DECALS – Minimum 6 qty
$19.99 ea.

These are a great way to have your rifles to coordinate with your show concept.  Decals all come on 1 sheet and are “peel & stick” with easy instructions for installation.  Extra base-color strips are included for replacement on ends due to wear & tear.

FLAG POLE DECALS* – Minimum 10 qty
Starting at $16 ea for 6′ pole

These are a great way to have your flag poles coordinate with your flags and show concept.  Decals are “peel & stick” for easy installation and can be Removable or Permanent.  We can print these for any size pole.

WINDOW/BUMPER DECALS* – Minimum 50 qty
Starting at $2.15 ea for 3″x6″ decal.

We offer a variety of printable decal substrates.  Substrates can be removable or permanent and can be iCut into specific shapes.  Let us know your specific needs and we’ll find the best solution for your application.


Need a temporary door magnet for your car, van, truck or traveling caravan?  We can help!  Let us know your specific needs and we’ll find the best solution for your application.


We have several options for tags that can be used for instrument cases, etc.  We can print individual names, numbers, etc. on tags.  Let us know your specific needs and we’ll find the best solution for your application.

*Pricing is by quote only.  We will need to know size and quantity to prepare a quote.


  • Minimum Order: $100
  • Minimum Shipping cost: $25

High Resolution Images

One FREE high-resolution image per order. One additional FREE high-resolution image for every $500 spent (based on production costs). Additional images $15 each.

“We love our FLASH bass drum decals.  They have been complimented by every effect & visual judge this season!”

— Bryan Hirschmann, Gov. Thomas Johnson HS (MD) Percussion Ensemble

“FLASH Visual Media bass decals are made out of durable material and are easy to install.  They were a great way to add some identity to our winter drum line that can be easily seen from the top bleachers.  We had a great experience with them and hope to use them for every season.”

— Donald Sprague, Coweta HS (OK) Indoor Percussion