Instrument Bell Covers and Face Masks from FLASH!

Personal Protection Products from FLASH! Top-quality Instrument Bell Covers from FLASH since 2015 now available for all instruments! We also offer Face Masks that include the Comfort Cord System...a mask that can be worn all day! Contact FLASH for more info: 877-660-0492 x109 #tulsa #flashvisualmedia #makingartreality #wegotthis

Introducing FLASH Shako Visors & Wraps!

INTRODUCING FLASH Shako Visor & Wraps FLASH Shako Visors:  This is a one-time purchase and allows for custom designed FLASH Shako Wraps to fit your needs for years to come.  Available in black or white with silver or gold mylar visor option.  Includes 3 plume holders (front & both sides) to give you design flexibility.  [...]